Introduction to Basis Theory

The tokenization API

to secure anything

Build secure and compliant applications in minutes.

PII Data

Adhere to increasing privacy regulations without sacrificing your KYC or underwriting processes.

Card Data

Optimize your payments acceptance stack without bearing the risk and compliance burden.

Health Data

Meet any HIPAA-related requirements and easily interact with the FHIR specification.


Safely secure and manage user credentials and third-party
API keys.

Bank Data

Comply with new and upcoming regulations, domestically and internationally.

Any Data

Secure any data, document or image you simply don't want stored in plaintext.

Built for developers, suitable for companies of all sizes.

Customer data is everywhere in your system

Secure any data
using our API and SDKs.

Securing your data with Basis Theory keeps your existing data safe with the usability you’d expect in your own systems.
Enrich bank, card, customer, images, healthcare, or blockchain data

Enrich your
tokenized data.

Your sensitive data is too valuable to be locked away in a vault, security or compliance tool, or at one of your service providers.

Start acting on your data as if it were just in your database.

Everything you need to integrate into your tech stack.

You encrypt or We encrypt.

Already handle encryption keys or encryption internally?
Leverage our libraries with built-in encryption and decryption to securely store your data with Basis Theory.

Not ready to own your encryption?
No problem, we will encrypt any plaintext data sent to us and keep it safe in the Basis Theory vault.

Simplified integrations with SDKs.

Our pre-built SDKs allow you to worry less about implementation details and start protecting your data. Own your data encryption, hook up encryption keys or your KMS and let our SDK do the work for you.
.Net and NodeJS SDKs available

Powerful tokenization API.

Our world-class API enables you to collect the data within your own systems, while storing and protecting it at rest with Basis Theory.
API connections

Never touch data using our hosted elements.

Some data is so sensitive you never want to touch it. Hosted Elements will capture and tokenize data within your browser-based applications without throwing off your user experience.
Screenshot of Basis Theory Elements

Try out tokenization...

We can tokenize objects, images, files, or anything you can store in a database. All while maintaining its current usability and preserving future delegation rights.
Why tokenization?
Tokenization enables your business to easily reference, operate, share, and maintain the data important to your business without worrying about the encryption.
Try it now

Enrich your sensitive
data with Reactors.

Simplify your sensitive data workflows by creating reactions to safely and securely share data with third parties, without the data ever touching your servers.

Basis Theory Reactors

Our pre-written reactors enable you to connect to third parties in a secure isolated environment by simply dropping in your API key.
  • Use your sensitive data without touching your servers
  • Safely exchange data with third-parties
  • Safely forward data to partners
Tokenize data and safely share it with companies like Stripe, Okta, and Experian
Screenshot of Basis Theory Reactor Formulas including Segment, Okta, FHIR, Experian, Fiserve, Mastercard, LexisNexis, and Stripe
Bring your own code
Private Beta

Write custom code to run in the Token Reactor platform enabling you to transform or share your data without it touching your system.
Your code without the risk.

Reactor Workflows
Coming soon

Want to conditionally call a service based on the result of another? Our workflows will enable easy connections between your service providers, without your sensitive data hitting your systems.

Permission data access. Our Applications enable different parts of your business to interact with the data they need, at only the level you permit.
Associate data. Build relationships with your data by associating individual tokens for a complete, but segregated, customer or partner profile.
Metadata. Add non-sensitive metadata to any Basis Theory token for tagging, analyzing or querying without decrypting the underlying data.

Here's where you start.

Join our community of advocates and engineers to build the future of internet tokenization.
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Developer Guides
Understand how to integrate in just a few minutes with our integration guides.
API Reference
Unlock the full potential of your software with our flexible and world class API.
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